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Institut Esthederm


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Institut Esthederm is a French cosmeceutical corrective skin care line. Institut Esthederm’s vision to help the skin achieve its own perfect balance internally and externally, allowing the skin to adapt and protect itself from the environment.

Institut Esthederm’s approach is unique: to preserve and optimize the skin functions by providing the most efficient, active-yet gentle ingredients. The skin receives the best of all biological, marine and botanical worlds by selecting the purest ingredients, only the ones compatible with the skin.

Institut Esthederm Laboratories (research center) have analyzed all the processes which slow down or destroy the skin functions.  In spirit on innovation and creation Institut Esthederm works closely with
biologists, nutritionists, chemists, bio-physicists and researchers from various industries. This approach has resulted in over 8o patents that make Institut Esthederm the most patented skin care line available today.  Institut Esthederm's products are designed
to specially help re-educate the skin to correct and repair itself.


Institut Esthederm

Skin Ecology

For 30 years, Institut Esthederm has been developing skin care products based on an extremely innovative vision of life and skin: Skin Ecology

Skin is like an eco-system, it lives in relation to its enviroment: Institut Esthederm's skin care products preserve the skin's balance helping it adapt to its enviroment and protect it whenever necessary.

Skin reflects the well-being of the whole person: Institut Esthederm's skin care products contribute to creating a harmonious link between mind and body.

Skin changes with time: Institut Esthederm's skin care products are able to adapt to these changes.

Indeed, via its skin care products, Institut Esthederm aims at reconciling the demands of modern living with those of the skin.


To guarantee you long lasting natural results, every product by Institut Esthederm is endowed with a 3-way action:

Energizing action thanks to Cellular Water:

In 1999, Institut Esthederm's research labortories perfected Cellular Water, energized water very similar to that contained in our cells.  Because the demineralised water habitually used in cosmetics is not a "life source", Institut Esthederm has based its product formulas on this "life-giving water" that is able to recreate an ideal enviroment for skin cells, thus optimizing their activity.

Proactive action unique to each product line:

Institut Esthederm's products are classified into distinct families, each with a dominant trend, based upon a specific patented innovative technology which help your skin to re-establish optimum functioning that has either been lost or forgotten.

A specific or targeted action:

Thanks to active ingredients able to target and fulfill skin's needs.

For an optimal, lasting and natural beauty result, Institut Esthederm recommends that in addition to using our products at home, you should get regular beauty treatments at our partner salons who are experts in skin care.

All of the TIME CELLULAR CARE products are cellular skin care products that treats your skin deep down, to effectively and lastingly alleviate visible skin dysfunctions and preserve your skin's youthful appearance.


TIME CELLULAR CARE products preserve your skin's youthful appearance by slowing the factors that cause the skin to age.  The effects of time are attenuated, and your skin stays young.

TCS PATENT: Time Control System:

TCS is a founding patent that helps keep your skin's metabolism optimally healthy over time.


TIME CELLULAR CARE products treat your skin deep down, for natural, lasting and visible results.


TIME CELLULAR CARE products are both active and re-educative treatments for skin dysfunctions, providing the skin with immediate solutions, but more importantly, they restore the skin's ability to defend itself.

Cellular Concentrate

Cellular Concentrate is one of the core products in the TIME CELLULAR CARE line, and is emblematic of this innovative, pioneering vision.  Its patented formula revives the life cycle of the skin cells to restore your skin to its original beauty. 

Cellular Concentrate enhances the beauty of your skin.

Use alone on perfectly balanced skin, or in combination with Time Cellular Care products to enhance their effectiveness and achieve longer lasting results.

Hydra System

Hydra System products irrigate and control the moisture balance of your skin deep down (HYDRA System patent)

For severly dry skin, Institut Esthederm provides a specific response with Hydra System Expert.

Pure System

Pure System products liquefy the sebum and normalize the skin (Pure System patent).

For acne-prone skin, Institut Esthederm provides a specific response with Pure System expert.

Repair System

Repair System products repair and reconstruct the skin (Repair System patent).

For particularly dull and lifeless skin, Institut Esthederm provides a specific response with Repair System expert.

Sensi System

Sensi System products turn fragile skin into normal skin (Sensi System patent)

For extremely sensitive skin, Institut Esthederm provides a specific response with Sensi System expert.

Nutri System

Nutri System products nourish the skin to restore and optimal nutritional balance and compensate for deficiencies.