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  Bloom Skincare Products



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Bloom natural products are from the shores of the Dead Sea.  The Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth and the largest natural beauty parlor.  The Jordan Sea is the saltiest sea in the world and its water contains 32 healing minerals.  The regular use of minerals in your daily cleansing and nourishing routine will enhance your skins liveliness and freshness.  Battisti's Salon and Day Spa is the only source for Bloom products in the entire United States!


Bloom Dead Sea Mud Soap:  This soap is formulated from the unique mud and mineral of the Dead Sea is mixed with pure and natural plant oils, free of any animal fats or detergents.  It is both cleansing and conditioning for the face.  It helps to nourish and purify the skin while reducing its impurities, to make skin healthy, clear and younger looking.  This soap also treats acne, psoriasis and eczema.  

Tips:  For maximum benefit, leave the Bloom Mud Soap foam on the face for 1 minute before rinsing off.



 Bloom Mineral Salt Soap:  Powered with moisture-enabling mineral compounds and mixed with pure and natural plant oils, free of animal fats and detergents.  This unique soap bar provides dual action benefits of cleansing and exfoliating the body.  Wash away grime and impurities as your skin simultaneously enjoys the healthy replenishment of minerals.  

  Tips: For maximum benefit, leave Bloom Salt Soap on the body for 1 minute before rinsing off. 




Bloom Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask:  The natural and unique mud mask originates under the bed of the Dead Sea and is mixed with a blend of olive oil, honey, fragrance and aloe vera extract.  A special formula that has been designated specifically to clean the deep impurities beneath the skin and keep the skin hydrated.  It also helps to relieve most skin problems such as:  psoriasis, acne and eczema.  It assists with re-balancing the moisture of the skin.  Helps reduce and delay the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, giving you younger and softer looking skin.



Bloom Bath Salts:  Naturally evaporated from the highly concentrated Dead Sea waters to give you the pure natural and unique combination of more than 25 types of mierals and elements.  The Bloom Sea Salts help to:

Relax and soothe your body

Helps to relieve skin problems such as: eczema, acne and psoriasis

Helps to simulate blood circulation

Helps to minimize aches in joints and feet, rheumatism pains and arthritis



Bloom Day Cream:  All day moisturizer enriched with natural Dead Sea minerals and active moisturizing agents.  This unique Dead Sea formula is instantly absorbed helping skin to maintain its optimal hydration level.  Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and radiant.  For every night care after using Bloom Balt Salt Soap or mask.



Bloom Night Cream:  This nourishing Night Cream is a one of a kind Dead Sea blend enriched with Vitamin E.  This formula nurtures, revitalizes and replenishes the skins moisture level; leaving it smoother and glowing with vitality in the morning.


Bloom Foot Cream:  This invigorating cream in enriched with Dead Sea minerals.  Bloom Foot Cream is a wonderfully protective and healthy treatment for the feet.  The cooling agent refreshes the feet giving you the feeling of comfort, while the natural oils help keep the skin on the foot supple and smooth!













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